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African Information Solutions for Companies Online (“African Is Cool”) provides online investor relations to listed companies, stockbrokers​ and capital markets regulators in Africa.

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When clients hire African Is Cool they are outsourcing the “hassle factor” of managing multiple channels online and get a partner that can advise them on online investor relations,social media​ and website management on the highest level. Our services are predicated upon us being a close partner in the development, maintenance and ongoing management of a fully integrated online presence. Our online database skills and the ability to stream investment data into social media channels and websites sets us apart.

The majority of our clients retain our services by way of retainer. In return we manage their websites, online investor relations and social media on a daily basis, manage website feedback and assist with their online communications strategy. The result: good corporate governance, good investor relations and an excellent corporate reputation.

Why should companies subscribe to our services? Our website sets out the governance and commercial imperatives that should motivate a progressive online presence​.

Investor relations & data solutions

We design, host and manage large corporate websites and integrate investor relations data, marketing and social media functions therein, daily. We report back regularly on how this influences your corporate reputation, governance and investor relations.

In addition we also provide bespoke solutions for stockbroker websites and provide a full range of IR data widgets (including but not limited to share charts, price quotes..) for any African stock market.

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Corporate websites

We offer fully managed, branded, mobile friendly investor relations and corporate websites, integrated with social media. All key investor-related news, corporate announcements and data is seamlessly integrated into a professionally designed corporate website and content rich email alerts.

Broker websites

We provide fully managed, branded, mobile friendly stockbroker websites integrated with social media for African stockbrokers. Excellent functionality for clients, this service includes, but is not limited to: secure client website sections, content-rich email alerts, price sheets, news feeds and listed company IR data profiles.

Data widgets

We offer a comprehensive range of online charts and financial information widgets for corporate, stockbroker, stock exchange and investor relations websites. Ask us about structuring widgets for your specific needs as these tools can be published into any website.

Investor list

We manage The Investor Mailing List: a growing pan-African investor relations news and data dissemination email service for investors into African markets. The Investor Mailing List complements our clients’ investor relations news and data distribution by expanding your investor audience.

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Digital board pack and corporate governance

Exceptional software for boards to manage their corporate governance digitally: documents, decision-making, collaboration and compliance are all online, saving time and money. Conference calling, internal and external complements this service offering.

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IPO and corporate action marketing services

We use social media to distribute news of your IPO (or corporate action) and monitor investor sentiment. We are able to communicate to prospective investors immediately & globally, during the IPO process and thereafter and in the process build an investment community with which to communicate and receive feedback thereafter.

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Social media intelligence

Our investor relations website and data services are integrated into Facebook, Twitter and other channels to ensure you keep investors informed and your company visible to investors globally, 24/7.

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This service disseminates your key investor data, news and corporate announcements into Facebook (if required), complementing other engagement and marketing initiatives.


This service disseminates your key investor data (share price etc.), corporate announcements and news into Twitter, complementing other engagement and marketing initiatives.


Provides investor sentiment and news media monitoring services 24/7 so your communications team (and marketing team) maintains a pulse on what the market is thinking.

Why common law obligations?

Directors of listed companies have two common law obligations to their shareholders: to provide a platform through which to trade their shares (the stock exchange) and to enable shareholders to get a fair price for their shares (through progressive investor relations practices).

Why corporate governance obligations?

There are two additional corporate governance obligations related to the investor relations function: to enable equal access to investment information (using the internet and social media) and use every communications channel to ensure that shareholders rights are protected.

Why it’s good commercial sense?

In the modern day, where online communications is ubiquitous, listed companies will communicate with not only an investor, but a customer, potential customer and brand manager. So there are two commercial imperatives to communicating progressively with investors: to protect and grow corporate reputation and to promote commercial relationships not related to investor relations.

African Is Cool’s services enable our clients to implement progressive corporate governance and investor relations practices. Investor relations is defined as:-

“Investor relations is a strategic management responsibility that integrates finance, communication, marketing and securities law compliance to enable the most effective two-way communication between a company, the financial community, and other constituencies, which ultimately contributes to a company’s securities achieving fair valuation.”

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